First, some jokes

So, after the Brutal Gamer, and yesterday, the fighting Săcelean told me to write down some FUBAR posts in english, i decided to post at least 3…
And, without further bla bla (în Romania, it’s a word for that: lot of talk makes a man poor), some jokes.

Women jokes

Q: Why do women have periods?
A: Because they fuckin’ deserve them.

Q: What is loud and annoying?
A: A woman.

Q: How a woman can drown a fish?
A: Pull it out of the water. – TRUE FACT!

Q: Why is life like a penis?
A: Women make it hard!

Q: Why blondes wash their hair in the kitchen sink?
A: They heard that’s the usual place for washing vegetables…

Next time: Beer drinking men jokes. For all the ladies here!




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