Kendall Jones trolling!

O majoretă din Texas, pe nume Kendall Jones a stârnit mari controverse zilele acestea, postând poze cu animalele ucise de ea în Africa. Mai mult, nu-i pare rău de faptele sale, considerând că a făcut un bine pentru ecosistem!

A Texas cheerleader has infuriated many in the online community after posting photos that show her smiling while standing over wildlife she shot in Africa.
Kendall Jones, 19, makes no apologies for her hunting hobby, and talks earnestly on her Facebook page about hunting the Big 5 game animals in Africa, which include the lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and white/black rhinoceros.
In 2008, (age 13) I took my second trip to Africa to start my Big 5 experience,” she writes on Facebook. “The first animal I ever shot was a White Rhino with a .416 Remington!! On this trip I also took some plains game, such as impala, kudu and mountain reedbuck home.
The Texas Tech cheerleader also wrote on Facebook that she had inked a development deal in January to create a new series based on her favorite sport.


Și iată câteva poze luate de la ea de pe Facebook.
kendall jones kendall jones hunting cheerleader
Sursa foto

Să dăm drumul la troll! Texte de la Răzvan.

kendall-2 copy kendall-3

Acest post este un pamflet și va fi tratat ca atare! This post is a pamphlet and wIll be treated as such!



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