USA, stop sending idiots to Romania. We have enough of our own!

Almost three weeks ago, an USA soldier, named Damien Maynard, wrote on his Facebook account:
Tho more days until i leave this shitty ass Romania“.
At least he wrote Romania with capital “R“, i give him some credit for this.





After that, he deleted his Facebook account. I wonder if he was disciplined in USA. Probably not.

So, after 11 years since Christopher Van Goethem an dead-drunk USA soldier, killed Teo Peter in a car accident, “The greatest country in the world” sends some more idiots to our country?
Thank you, but no thanks. We don’t need more idiots here, we have enough of our own. And since we are such idiots, we may even call your soldier an dirty ass nigga!

That’s not so nice, is it?
So, stop sending troops, in Romania or any other country, deal with your own problems, don’t get stuck in this shitty place like Romania…

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This text is an pamphlet and will be treated as such. Laught, you’ll live longer!




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